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Goodrich Gasket Private Limited established in 1987 is a part of Flosil Group, a conglomerate with expanding interests in Manufacturing, Defense Technology, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Education, FMCG, Renewable energy, Investments etc and has been manufacturing all types of Industrial Gaskets for petroleum refineries and other industrial projects with a manufacturing facility of 196,000 sq. ft. of fabrication shop & machine shop in Chennai, India and equipped with state of the art machinery, handling facilities and expert engineers.


API Ring Joint Gasket

Ring type joint gasket is a high integrity sealing gasket, high temperature and high pressure gasket for applications in petroleum industry, oilfield drilling, pressure vessels joints, pipes and valves etc from Goodrich Gasket Pvt. Ltd.

Goodrich Gasket manufactures ring joint gaskets according to API 6A and ASME B16.20 for numerous industrial applications based on the customer required specifications with corrosive protection using electroplated zinc or alternate material coating of up to 0.0003" thickness.
As a result of metal to metal sealing media they are made to be free of indentations, tool marks etc and have a surface finish of maximum

The working of ring joint gaskets can be explained by the axial compressive load causing them to deform and flow to irregularities in the flange grooves that it seals. As load bearing area of ring joint gaskets are small high surface stresses are produced between the sealing face and the groove, making it poor in recovery characteristics and unfit for reuse.

Goodrich Gasket manufactures Type R, RX, BX ring joint gaskets in API 6A, ASME B16.20 gasket standards for API 6B, ASME B16.5 and API 6BX flanges respectively.


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Types R, RX operates in 6250 psi/ 5000 psi with oval or octagonal gasket orientation and interchangeability. Type RX has a pressure passage hole for pressure equalization on each sealing face sides.

Goodrich Gasket supplies ring joint gaskets with the hardness numbers as follows:

Soft iron 90 56 D
Low carbon steel 120 68 S
4-6% Chrome 1/2% molybdenum 130 72 F5
304 Stainless Steel 160 83 S304
316 Stainless Steel 160 83 S316
347 Stainless Steel 160 83 S347
410 Stainless Steel 170 86 S410

In order to reduce turbulent flow in adjoining flanges and prevent gasket/flange erosion Goodrich Gasket offers SPECIAL R, RX type joints with PTFE inserts. Goodrich Gasket also offers Nitrile Rubber coated ring joint gaskets used in pressure testing applications and as a protection for flange grooves and surfaces. Ring joint flanges with different ring groove diameters are sealed by Transition Ring joints, a different size and same PCD combination rings. Blind Ring joints, a standard ring joint with integral solid metallic centers blanks off flanges and pipe work. Flange Guards of closed cell neoprene foam readily compress under load protecting outside diameter of Ring joints in corrosive environments.


Ring Joint Gaskets materials are selected by the USER based on suitability for the service condition. Some of the popularly used RTJ Gaskets materials at Goodrich Gasket are as below:
LCS, Soft Iron, 316, 304, 316L, 304L, 321, 310, 317, 317L, 410, F5, F9, F11, Duplex 31803, Super Duplex 32750, INC 600, INC 625, INC 825, Hastelloy C276, Monel 400, Nickel 200, Titanium etc.

Marking & Surface Finish

The outer surface of each Ring Joint Gaskets shall carry the manufacturer's name or identification Trademark and gasket number prefixed by the letters R, RX or BX, followed by the gasket material identification number.
The Gaskets shall also be marked with as ASME B16.20 designation.
The Marking shall be applied so as not to harmfully distort the gasket or affect the integrity of the seal.
Surface finish shall pertain to the gasket sealing surface.
Type R & RX Gaskets shall have a surface finish not rougher than 63 Microns roughness.
Type BX Gaskets shall have a surface finish not rougher than 32 Microns roughness.

  • "R" Type Ring Joint Gasket Dimensions & Tolerances
  • "RX" Type Ring Joint Gasket Dimensions & Tolerances
  • "BX" Type Ring Joint Gaskets – Dimensions & Tolerances


Pipe Sizes for R Type Ring Joint Gasket


Pipe Sizes for "RX" Type Ring Joint Gasket


Pipe Sizes for "BX" Type Ring Joint Gasket

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